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BATDX tested by Fraunhofer IPA

As contamination control becomes more and more present in all branches of industry, German Fraunhofer IPA Institute has developed a leading expertise in the testing and validation of production systems and components for cleanrooms.

Fraunhofer IPA tested the particle emission of the BATDX range and obtained the best possible result: Class 1 emissions according to ISO 14644-1.

This makes it possible to integrate this luminaire with access from above and from below in the most restrictive cleanrooms. The compact size of the luminaire optimizes the areas dedicated to filtration. In the particular case of laminar flow volumes you will need to use our new range of H2O buttons (click HERE for more information).

New technologies

Technological [R]evolution

In 20 years the efficiency gains in lighting are unprecedented, in the attached table we illustrate the evolution on a 600×600 luminaire for office lighting. The data are in flux emitted by the luminaire and the output in emitted flux / power consumed.

On the other hand, these efficiencies have not been achieved to the detriment of the luminous comfort since the luminaires are today all equipped with optical systems minimizing the luminances. This factor, added to the evolution of work screens, today all flat and orientable, allows a great visual comfort on the workstations.

Let us not forget that the consumption of a lighting installation can be greatly optimized by the use of control and gradation systems that compensate for the entry of natural light by automatically reducing the power of the luminaires and extinguishing them In case of absence in the room.

This evolution is not meant to stop because the LED technology is in constant progression and that the luminaries will not escape the arrival of the connected objects.

To be continued…

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